SpamSieve is my Bayesian lover

Fri, Dec 29, 2006


SpamSieve logo
At the November Portland Web Innovators meeting, someone complained about Spam. Then Ray said he’d been trying out SpamSieve, a Bayesian filter for Apple’s Mail, and it worked great.

The next morning (9:22, according to SpamSieve’s statistics) I installed the free trial and gave it a whirl. By the next day, I was sold. There are 150 Spam messages per day that I don’t have to see. The accuracy of its filtering is over 99%.

I’m told Apple will put Bayesian filtering in their next release of Mail. For me, I couldn’t wait after seeing what SpamSieve can do.

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  1. Mike Duffy Says:

    I’ve just started using Death2Spam (, and it works very well. They do domains (via MX records) and individual accounts (via POP3 proxy). Support seems good. Give it a try! ($35 a year, one month free trial)

  2. Ray Says:

    Oh it’s great. 76% of my email, it says, is spam. 110 messages per day. And to this date, it’s been exactly 99% correct. In fact, when it happens to be wrong, I usually can tell it’s going to – for instance, if I’ve just signed up for a service, it often thinks the “confirmation” email is spam. I’m really happy with it. I didn’t know a program could work this well at catching spam!

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