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Rhymes With Happier

24. October 2016


Recently I was telling a friend about a new career opportunity. As I explained the company and the role, he started laughing. That wasn’t really the reaction I was after, so I stopped talking. “What?” I asked? “It’s just that this sounds like exactly the perfect place for you,” he said. I’ve been a Zapier […]

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I’m Spending More Time With My Family

6. January 2015


No, this isn’t a post about a New Year’s resolution, though what I say here will significantly impact this upcoming year. No, despite the typical career transition sentiment of my headline, I am not leaving Orchestrate, the awesome company where I have worked since May to make developers more productive and creative. This will be […]

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Orchestrating the Next Chapter in My Story

27. May 2014

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Our own personal stories tend to make sense in retrospect. There may be plot twists that at the time cause a little confusion, but then it all sorts out into a tale that seems predictable in hindsight. That’s how I feel today as I join¬†Orchestrate¬†to start a developer relations team. It was tough to leave […]

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I’m Getting Better at One Thing

11. April 2012


I’m on my second year of having a real job. It’s still a new experience, working on one project (though I still find a little time for the stuff on the side). Part of the corporate structure, that annual review and plan, has helped me discover a great aspect of a real job: taking the […]

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My New Gig: Editing Programmable Web

12. July 2010


Big changes for me. My mapping API book goes to the printer this week. And, at the end of the month, I will join Programmable Web full-time as Executive Editor. I will manage a staff of freelance writers and do a bunch more reporting myself. We cover APIs and mashups of all sorts, with a […]

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Help Me Find The Donkey Man, John Stiles

22. November 2009


When I was in middle school, my family hosted a man, his wagon and his many donkeys on our 30 acre ranch. His name was John Stiles and he lived a technology-free, nomadic lifestyle. In an age when even mere high school aquaintances friend me on Facebook, the Donkey Man may be the one person […]

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8 things you don’t know about me

29. February 2008


My friend Dawn asked to know more about me recently, so I thought I’d share with you. For many, I’m just the simple guy. But, oh, I’m more complex than that. See for yourself: I grew up on 30 acres an hour north of San Francisco. We had no animals, but we had plenty of […]

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MetroFi improves, barely

16. February 2008


This is an update on my previous MetroFi review from a year ago. MetroFi is the company tapped by Portland Metro to blanket the city with free WiFi. I recently used the service downtown and found it to be better than my previous experience. The banner ads are gone, improving Internet browsing tremendously. The only […]

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Techy things to do in Portland

7. January 2008

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Portlanders continue to do some amazing things. Unfortunately, a lot of it is still under the covers. My friend Rick is helping change that, but we have a long way to go. One of ways to help is get out and meet people. Far too many of us spend our lives in front of laptop […]

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One key to rule them all

6. December 2007


We recently bought our first house. One of the best things about it is the freedom to change something we don’t like. This week, a locksmith came out to the house and changed the locks. Though we have a small place, there were three separate keys, one for each door. That was annoying, but it […]

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