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The Side Project Lifecycle

7. May 2016


I love side projects. It’s fun to dive into an idea, make it happen, then share it with the world. I also love the term side project because it sets reachable expectations. It also means there is room for more than one. Yet, there is not unlimited room. At some point a side project needs […]

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Simplicity Rules, Meet

15. July 2012


The following is the not-so-simple tale of how I finally came to own the domain name that many people thought I already owned. Why did my blog even need a name? When I started this site in 2004, it was out of a mutual challenge with Mike Duffy. We were reading a lot of blogs […]

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2012 Starts With a New WifiPDX

8. January 2012


If I were a cobbler and I had kids, they’d be very happy today. Today would be the day I finally gave them shoes! My Portland WiFi site was responsible for some of my first forays into map scripting, but it was dreadfully out of date. Now the site has a brand new look and […]

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Unrut Yourself: My Six Week Side Project

19. January 2010


Almost every day I walk down to a local Mexican restaurant and spend at least an hour there. The same restaurant. Every day. I may have mentioned this before. If there is anyone who needs out of a rut, it’s me. That fact gave me an idea for a new side project, which I started […]

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Resolve to Finish Your Awesome Side Project

31. December 2009


I’m lucky. I get to see many side projects from talented people, such as through my role as organizer of Portland Web Innovators. We have a recurring event, Demolicious, to share what people have been working on. In fact, there is one next week. If you’re in Portland, please attend. There is something else I […]

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How I Learned to Write a Book

1. October 2009


Nine months ago I stared at a blank page in Open Office. I was excited and overwhelmed to be starting my first book. I had a publisher and had cleared my schedule, but I was beginning to realize that was the easy part. What follows are the lessons I’ve learned so far getting to the […]

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WifiPDX Goes Geo

20. June 2009


It’s been awhile since I added any functionality to the WifiPDX site. With the release of the third generation iPhone OS, I decided to add some geolocation capabilities to finding Portland WiFi. Now when you search for hotspots, you’re automatically taken to your list of nearby locations if you have one of the following: Firefox […]

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Mapping Out a Book

2. February 2009


Most of my time these days is being focused on something I haven’t talked about publicly yet. I’d been waiting to finish the site for the project. With that done, I’m ready to spill it: I’m writing a book! The book’s focus is creating web maps and location-based applications. I’ll be covering several mapping APIs […]

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Innovating through 2008 with PDXWI

1. January 2009


It’s been nearly three years that a little group called Portland Web Innovators has been meeting. At the end of 2007 I highlighted a few meetings, but 2008 was such a great year, I felt it deserved a full chronicle. Check out my 2008 Web Innovators year in review to see what this group I […]

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My Big Changes at DuVinci

11. August 2008


Starting yesterday my daily routine with DuVinci has changed drastically. During (an extremely busy) July I phased out the work for BestPlaces that I have been doing in some capacity since 2001. It’s time for me to focus on something new. I want to help others create on the Web. There are designers with great […]

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