Why Firefox has succeeded

Wed, Apr 4, 2007

Simplicity Rules

Firefox is a web browser that makes it really easy to surf the web the way you want. It has all the right features. Tonight (Apr. 4) a Portland-based Firefox programmer will be talking about Firefox 3 at the Portland Web Innovators meeting. In Portland? You should come.

In the book Founders at Work, Jessica Livingston interviewed one of the creators of Firefox, Blake Ross.

Livingston: Do you remember people’s reactions when you gave an early demo of it?

Ross: People loved the simplicity and went crazy over tabbed browsing.

That was pretty much my initial reaction, too. In time, I came to love the quick searches and lately am enamored with the session restore.

For a browser that apparently has less than 15% market share, it sure has an outrageously passionate few.

But I see no reason why its simplicity doesn’t appeal to the masses. Maybe they haven’t seen it yet. I think those that have might have a reaction like this commenter on Blake Ross’ blog:

I am a 40 something school teacher with basic computing skills. I downloaded firefox last week and love it. It works for me. It’s quick and easy to use.

Do you still use Internet Explorer? Why?

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  1. Jenny Says:

    I still use IE for FTP. Also, a lot of enviro foundations ask you to upload applications via their website, and their upload isn’t Firefox-compatible. But that’s not Firefox’s fault.

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